Bamboo flooring: super strong, durable and versatile.


Bamboo Flooring is a high quality natural surface which is beautiful and practical. Bamboo floors are considerably harder than most Australian hardwoods and more than twice as stable as most common wood varieties.
Each Bamboo floorboard is sealed with multiple coats of UV lacquer to ensure maximum durability.

Bamboo flooring is highly stable, so shrinking and expanding problems sometimes associated with wooden floors are significantly reduced.
Bamboo Floors can be sanded and re-coated like conventional timber boards.

Bamboo Growth - harvested for Australian Bamboo FloorsBamboo is Ecologically Sound

Bamboo is technically a grass, not a tree, so it offers excellent credentials as an eco-friendly flooring solution. Fast growing bamboo for kitchen floors, dining room floors and bedroom floors is replaced much more easily than trees.

Our range of Bamboo flooring offers a variety of natural, soft colours, offering warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
We suggest you order a sample of your preferred choice of bamboo flooring for just $10 so you can see exactly how the boards are constructed and how the bamboo floor will complement the look of your home.


Laying  abamboo floorboardLaying Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are best laid over an underlay which will form a moisture barrier and provide cushioning to eliminate small imperfections in the floor beneath.
Bamboo floorboards can be laid over concrete, tiles, linoleum or old floorboards as long as the surface is sound, dry and flat.

Delivery information

Delivery is $3.00 per square metre but is capped at $150, regardless of how large your order is. For more information about delivery, see Delivery Information

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