Whether you plan to use the services of a qualified installer or intend to lay the floor yourself, we recommend the use of a quality underlay to provide cushioning, level out small imperfections in the sub-floor and improve the acoustic qualities of the floor.

We offer two choices:

  • Standard underlay
  • Accoustic underlay

The underlay is supplied in 1 metre width by 50 metres in length which covers 50 metres.


Trims are used to finish off the edges at doorways, at the junction of other surfaces or to connect two uneven levels. Trims can be finished in silver or bronze and are supplied in lengths of 3.4 meters.

We recommend you purchase underlays with your flooring order but suggest you leave the supply of trims to the installer. DIY handymen can obtain trims from the local hardware store. We cannot supply trims in separate orders.

Delivery information

Please note that delivery costs a minimum of $60 and is calculated based on the amount of flooring purchased. Adding accessories to your order does not add to delivery cost, however we do not supply trims separately. For more information about delivery, see Delivery Information