Delivery in South Australia

Delivery in SA is charged at $3 per square metre with a minimum delivery charge of $60. We have also capped our delivery charge at $150 for deliveries within a metropolitan area. You’ll never pay more than this for delivery, no matter how large your order. However deliveries required to locations outside the metropolitan areas of major cities will incur additional delivery costs depending on your location. Please feel free to phone us on 0433 263 130 if you would like to discuss this. Alternatively we can arrange for you to pick up your order from our supplier.

How deliveries work

After we receive your order we’ll send you an email with information about how your order will be delivered, along with an order reference number which will enable you to track your order.

The company delivering your order will contact you by phone before your delivery is due to confirm the delivery time. It is important that someone is available at the delivery address to receive your order.

Delivery can only be arranged between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday. The delivery company is only obligated to deliver the goods to the driveway of your property. If you need to have your order delivered to a specified point within your property, please discuss this with the freight company in advance as this could incur an additional fee.

Delivery in other areas in Australia

Dues to restrictions placed on us by our suppliers, all deliveries must originate from our South Australian warehouses. If you would still like to take advantage of our discounted prices, please contact us to discuss delivery arrangements to your location.