Preference Originals Harmony

Size: 905 X 295 X 10.5 mm
Wicanders Corkcomfort and Woodcomfort ranges are produced by Amorim, the largest and most respected cork manufacturer in the world. Cork is extracted cylindrically from cork oak trees, without ever damaging the tree, it’s a natural, renewable resource. By combining visual impact and product benefits with excellent sustainable attributes Corkcomfort and Woodcomfort are an excellent choice for the built environment.

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Corkcomfort (HPS) Floating Floor Valinge 2G
HPS (High Performance Surface)Varnish
Genuine cork veneer 0.8 mm
Flexible and insulating cork layer 2.2 mm
HDF -High Density Fibreboard with CORKLOC 6 mm
Integrated insulating cork underlay 1.5 mm